Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Product Review Policies

I love stuff and I love to talk about it. Those are the main rules.

But to make things easier for everyone, I thought I would put some sort of structure in place. Blame it on all my years of being in a regulated field. Some things are very obvious, but for the sake of transparency and so that I remember myself, I'll also cover those here.

So here we go, everything you wanted to know if you would like me to try your product and blog about it:

1. The PR folks/ product supplier/manufacturer agrees to provide products for review, without cost, once I agree to try the product. These will be sent to me without me incurring shipping costs.

2. I am pretty much open to reviewing any product that would interest me, my family and my readers. Just so you know however, I will review the product and cover both the great things and not so great things about it. I will not slam any products, and I would not tell readers not to buy the product, but I feel it important to give my fair and honest opinion.

If I don't like a product, I will say as much. However, I will let you know beforehand. I also reserve the right not to review a product and will also let you know. In this case, it wouldn't be my standard process to return the product. If you have some screaming need to have it back, however, I would arrange it as long as you cover the shipping costs associated with the return.

3. I try to review products within a couple of weeks of receipt of the product. If you have a defined timeline please let me know and I will be sure to try to accomodate. You can check back with me on the status and I would be happy to share the links to the review as well.

4. I don't charge for product reviews, but I am always up front if I have received the product for review. The only costs incurred by the PR company, product supplier or manufacturer are those related to the product inventory and shipping and duty charges, if applicable.

If the occasion arises where I am paid to post, this will also be made clear in that particular post.

5. If the review can be supplemented with a giveaway or a discount, this is always a nice bonus for my readers and of course will spread more good news about the product. In this case, please detail whether the product is available to Canada, Canada and the US or worldwide. Obviously, the wider the availability, the wider the reach.

For any such giveaways, I will use a random generator to draw the winner's names. I will act as a conduit by providing the name and address of the winner(s) to the PR company, supplier or manufacturer. The product and the shipping costs associated with sending the product to the winner are the responsibility of the PR company, product supplier or manufacturer.

That pretty much covers it, but of course any changes to the above are at the discretion of me. Because it's my blog and I'll change it if I want to.

That being said, I'm sure I'll love your product and will give it a fair and honest review.

After all, what are Librans known for if not balance?

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