Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dusting 360 Swiffer style

The husband was quite surprised to see movement in the study window this past weekend. Excited almost. Not that I don't go in the study often, I'm in there everyday. I'm just not at the window. I have been avoiding the study ever since winter finally broke, even though it is at the top of my spring cleaning to-do list.

You see, I avoid because I do not clean.

Well, let me rephrase that. I do not like to clean. But I will do it, especially if I can see the stuff I'm cleaning up. Solid evidence that my efforts make a difference.

Like the mould in my shower, that even my blurry-eyed vision can no longer ignore? I will take no prisoners armed with bleach and toothbrush in hand. Battle it with great satisfaction because once it's gone, I can see it's gone.

But on that particular day in my office, I was cleaning with this...

Kind PR folks who somehow know that my house is a dust mine, sent it to me. I was excited (yes, me excited to clean, seriously) to try it, as it was so lightweight that my kids were almost fighting each other to use it on the blinds. And by the way, why do I have so many blinds in this house?

It was so easy to put together: take it out, fluff it, attach to the handle and voila!

Dust away.

It picked up dirt, dust, and according to the label, allergens of all sorts.

I used it on the blinds, on the computer, on the television, shelves, and the 360 aspect was particularly excellent on the stair bannister and steps. Geez, we've also got a lot of wood areas in this place. The awkward hard to get places were a breeze to clean out.

But the best part?

Ew. It works really well. You can see it.

The only thing that isn't great about this concept is that this "ew" used part isn't recyclable. You have to throw it in the garbage. And in this household, where we're trying to be more recycling conscious, it pains me a bit.

Here's hoping that the Swiffer folks come out with a recyclable version, because THAT would make this a PERFECT product.

Especially for those who don't clean.

And for Germanic clean freak partners, like mine.

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