Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Refreshing Febreze Staycation

You know that distinctive smell of brand new car, or the aroma of good quality leather as you snag a much coveted new handbag? The olfactory sense can be treated to such signals of goodness.

I wish that you could somehow capture l'eau de "brand new house". Next to fresh paint, and the sneeze free sensation after you've had the air ducts cleaned, our homes have always been a fairly neutral odor zone. I tend to like it that way. That sure has changed though.

Since I've become a parent, I've been introduced to a multitude of new odours. Most of the identifiable kind. You know, poops, gas, spit ups ... the baby to toddler variety. I never even ventured into the Air Freshener or Fabric Freshener product territory until I became a Mom.

Take it from me, though, as the kids get older and get into more activities such as soccer, hockey, general mudplay... more interesting smells start to invade the house. It also doesn't help that as the parents we progressively stink more, like a good cheese, as we age. I'm sure there's a study out there that has proven such a fact.

When we moved into this house we were in fairly neutral territory as the boy was but a babe, and noxious fumes were manageable with the occasional use of Febreze fabric spray or spritz of freshener in the laundry and family rooms. But over the last five years, with the arrival of another baby and the other aforementioned factors, we've been treated to the occasional "unidentified smell" that lurked somewhere in the hall closet or main foyer area. We'd spray, and it would be good for a little while. But it kept coming back in various forms, and we'd sniff here, there, everywhere, not able to locate the source. It was frustrating.

So when I was contacted by Febreze to review their "New Destinations" Collection, I was pretty pumped.

The new line of products comes with lovely names to match the aromas that now permeate throughout my home, taking me to exotic places such as Moroccan Bazaar, Brazilian Carnaval, and Hawaiian Aloha. The lines include the Febreze Air Effects sprays, matching candles and my favourite, the Febreze NOTICEables warmer, with refills. This baby keeps the fragrance going for 30 days.

My first floor now carries the subtle fresh fragrance of island breezes and faraway exotic scents. Florals, spice, ginger ... all in the most refreshing but not totally "in your face" manner. Much improved over memories of stinky socks, rain-soaked boots and "the mystery odour of the month".

Leaving the stink for lands afar, without leaving the comfort of my own home.

A very good thing indeed.

And the packaging is so very pretty too...


Brandy said...

I like Febreeze, but I tend to buy my plug-ins at Bath & Body Works b/c theirs are subtle. I don't want to be knocked down by the scent when I walk into a room.

Having said that, I did just add a Scents-able to every bathroom cause my boys smell. Bad.

Anonymous said...

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